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[Help][Mod/API] Creating a handout and applying markdown

Hey all! I'm trying to create a sector for Stars Without Number and I want handouts for each system so they look like this: Name: Catavlace, Type: System, Location: 0002 Name: Kiko, Type: Planet, Parent: Catavlace Name: Taytay 4, Type: Orbital Ruin, Parent: Kiko Name: Rong 2, Type: Research Base, Parent: Kiko Name: Jodhild, Type: Planet, Parent: Catavlace Name: Hunten 4, Type: Refueling Station, Parent: Jodhild Name: Barsukov 8, Type: Space Station, Parent: Jodhild Name: Bhor 4, Type: Space Station, Parent: Jodhild Name: Thorg, Type: System, Location: 0008 Name: Tabor, Type: Refueling Station, Parent: Thorg Name: Armuhez, Type: Planet, Parent: Thorg The important but is getting the nested list. Basically I used a website to generate my sector, created a python program to output the sector info to a text file that I'd like to use to generate handouts from. Again, most of that is stuff I'm going to figure out, but I can't find any documentation on how I'd create these lists like I want them inside the API for handouts. If anyone knows how I'd do this, or even if there's already a mod that does this that'd be great (I did do a brief search but didn't turn up anything that helped). Any help is appreciated!
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Oh boy. There is an awesome mod for this. Stephen S.'s Markdown script. It allows you to set up a css style sheet to apply to markdown text you leave in the GM Notes area of the handout.