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Pathfinder Community Sheet and Drag/Drop function

I feel like I'm missing an obvious step here, but I have been unable to use the drag/drop feature from the compendium for an NPC statblock. If I drag an entry from the compendium onto the battle map, it creates a blank character sheet, with a description of the mook, but nothing else. If I then try to drag/drop the entry into the monster stat block, the stats remain blank. I am using the latest version of Google Chrome, the latest version of the Pathfinder Community character sheet (V 1.82) and the Pathfinder Compendium.

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Sheet Author
Hi Trinette, Just something to check; the community sheet only works with the free compendium(does not work with any purchased materials from the roll20 marketplace) so make sure you are not dragging from the marketplace Bestiary. Free monsters are marked with "PRD" when you look at the compendium's Bestiary. You can drag/drop to a newly added row for Spells, Feats and Gear/Equipment.  Monsters must be dropped to the the Monster Statblock Import box found near the top of the NPC tab.  Once they are dragged over you still need to use the Parse button so that the stats are migrated to the sheet.  Unlike the official by roll20 sheet and purchased materials, the community sheet does not create linked monster tokens with images and such.  BTW: you can use the Pathfinder Companion Script (API/Mod for Pro users, check the Mod settings to add the script to your game) which can also import text-based statblocks (pfsrd), link tokens and bars, track resources, mark conditions, and more.  The sheet and script are long in the tooth, so you might find a few inconsistencies in the scripts complete feature set, but overall a great addition.
Ah, that makes sense! Thanks for the clarification!