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DC-3 or other airplanes

Hello all, not much luck on my other art asset post so we'll see how we do here. Running a 1930's pulp campaign and really hoping to get my hands on top-down art for a plane such as a DC-3 and an interior. Gabriel Pickard's Pulp Transportation set comes close with its seaplane but nooooooot quite what I'm hoping to find. Has anyone seen anything of the like? Best... Lee

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If all else fails, it would be pretty easy to find a picture that you like and erase the background and convert to a .gif with potato chop. I did that with cars for my Trail of Cthulhu game and I am not skilled at all. DC3s have nice flowing lines, easy to work with.
Elemental Flame
Marketplace Creator
I do fantasy on the marketplace so I only pick up non-fantasy assets when they're insanely cheap or free. I did have a Douglas Plane Asset in my library from a sale last year. I see other plane assets available but I do not own them. I'm not certain if the interior would be feasible, but here is a top-down and a portrait style. Note it isn't sized for Roll20 or anything.