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Cubicle7 Content


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Jacob R.
It seems the Cubcile7 content has dried up! After the WFRP core book and the starter set nothing new has arrived on Roll20. Cubicle7 has since released many great WFRP products, as well as Soulbound and Wrath & Glory. Are there no plans for supporting this? Just like with PF2 Foundry is running away with it all. It seems Roll20 is content with only supporting 5e, which seems like such a bad business decision considering WotC plans with Beyond.
Jacob R.
The fact that in seven days, no one from the Roll20 teams bothers to reply is just mind boggling. I am just baffled by this. I am willing to transfer money from my wallet to Roll20's. But honestly they just don't seem to care. I see to posibilites: 1. They are not actively working with Cubicle7 on anything. Which looks bad considering they need to focus on stuff other than D&D with One D&D coming with its own VTT. WFRP is a pretty big game, and with proper stuff in the marketplace could draw many players. But Roll20 just seems to not care. They don't communicate otherwise at all. 2. They actually are working with Cubicle7 but couldn't be bothered replying to customers on their own site. In the mean time Foundry has gotten a shitload of Cubicle7 content. Alas one of my player's computer is from like 2010 and can't handle Foundry. (and that is one thing I will give Roll20 they are pretty good at supporting older hardware) Anyway, I'm not surprised by this considering all the PF2 threads and screams for PF2 content. Anyway with One D&D on the horizon Roll20 seriously need to focus on all the smaller games. Or they are gone in 5 years.

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Forum Champion
Just a note here, it is not necessarily up to Roll20, if you want Cubicle7 to work with Roll20 I suggest messaging Cubicle7 on the topic.  As I understand it (which could be inaccurate), when it comes to marketplace content companies have two choices, hire someone to convert the product, or get Roll20 to do it. So even if Roll20 and Cubicle7 do not have the same level of co-operation that Roll20 has with Paizo or WotC Cubicle7 could still get their content on the Marketplace.