Alligator Alley Entertainment presents Tales and Tomes from the Forbidden Library  -  an adventure trilogy and addon resource for D&D 5E. Welcome to the Hearthglow Academy of Magical Studies where decades ago, the mysterious disappearance of prominent faculty members has led to the seal and warding of the school's eastern library wing. Now, a group of students must venture within, in search of secrets that can change the course of history.  The product bundle includes: A Tier 1 adventure trilogy  with exciting encounters, intriguing lore, and a unique cast of characters. An introduction to Hearthglow, a setting location that can be easily placed in any existing D&D campaign. VTT integration that includes the latest dynamic lighting elements. A collection of character tokens featuring art from the adventure module. An addon  containing an  extensive   collection of magical tomes   and volumes that could be found on the shelves of any magical library, contributed by an extensive list of prominent RPG designers. Check it out  today on the Roll20 Marketplace!