Hello everyone! As some may know, we  released Dark Mode  for all user s  this week! We do still have a few other places remaining where dark mode will not work, namely the Blog and some compendium pages that have different formatting depending on publisher choice. For more information, please check out our blog post  here . Release Notes Here is our summary of  previous releases -- August 30, 2022 Adjusted styling for "Custom Sheet Sandbox" and "Access the Dev Server" on the " My Games " page while in dark mode Adjusted styling for "Join a game" and "Custom sheet sandbox" on the " Welcome " page Forum threads now offer a "visited" styling showing which threads have been viewed in the past. Fixed banners for  Roll20 Reserve  and  gift  pages while in dark mode Updated default background images for campaigns August 29, 2022 Dark Mode  now available  for all users For those who want to stay up to date, remember our  Change Log  is always updated as releases come.