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Tome of Beasts 2: Lairs Module or Add-Ons

I can only find one other post about this from December last year and that's been closed from inactivity, and there was no actual answer given there. See:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;for the original post But, I purchased Tome of Beasts 2 Lairs and I'm a little annoyed that it's only usable as a module of it's own. This is despite the advertising on the marketplace saying: Clearly, if I have to set it up as a whole module, it can't just be dropped into the game, and I don't have a pro account so I can't use the transmogrifier which seems to be the primary solution. Is there any way that this can be fixed? I love the Kobold Press adventures, and I love Underworld Lairs, Book of Lairs and 12 Peculiar Towers, which I can just drop in any time. So it would be really nice if I could have these in the same format!
You are correct, this text must have been copy pasted from another bundle and is misleading. If you send in a help request via <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> you will probably be able to receive a refund. For the future: the way to find out what a product exactly contains, its in the url of the product: If it has /module/ in it, it is a module that requirs it's own game If it has /gameaddon/ in it, it's a game addon that can be added to any game. if it has /compendiumexpansion/ in it, it will become part of the compendium if it has /set/ in it, it will become part of your art library If it has /bundle/ in it, it's a bundle and you need to check each item that is part of it. bundles can be nested. The url of Tome of Beasts 2 Lairs is: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> and thus it's a module. Sorry for not supplying this answer in december.
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That's a good trick, examining the URL!