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DnD 5e: Hard copies & Compendium

Has there been any further discussion about giving credit to customers that own the hard copies of the book, but would like to download it to use on roll20?
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Not that I am aware of.  On the plus side, you can enter the data manually, just takes a bit of time. :)
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Hi Nikaya! It's unlikely that will ever happen. Roll20 and Wizards of the Coast are two different entities. The closest I can think of that is the Paizo discount on PDFs for digital purchase on Roll20. Probably because there is no material cost involved, and there is only one retailer for each—easier to track. How would Roll20, or even Wizards of the Coast know you had purchased a hardcover unless you had purchased it directly from them with a digital receipt? And in any case, even though the content is the same in terms of art and words, they are vastly different in their production. The usual metaphor is that owning the book for the Fellowship of the Ring would not grant you a discount on tickets to the movie adaptation. Work went into each version, and by different groups of people.
I see. Thank you for the reply.