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GM Passed Away and Your Butt

Hello All You Marketplace Experts! My best friend and I joined Roll20 way back in 2013. He has over 1000 hours while I have just over 300. He spent a lot of time setting up the adventures for us and ended up spending a lot of money in the marketplace. Is there any way I can get those purchases transferred to my account? What would you need from me to verify all that info? I have his account details and if need be, I can get a death certificate and note from his parents that they approve. He died in 2017 from colon cancer, so if you don't do anything else, please guys, get your colonoscopy ! He was diagnosed at 45 and died at 47! It took me a few years to get back into it because he was our GM. Anyway, he has about 120 items and I have about 60. Some of them are the same so they wouldn't need to be transferred. Any chance of transferring his purchases to me? Otherwise, they're just sitting there collecting virtual dust. Thanks for any help you can provide! David

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I am sorry for your loss. Your best bet is to send a request to the Devs here . The forums are mainly users helping users. 
You have my sympathy for the loss of your friend. I second that call for getting a colonoscopy for anyone over the age of 50 (or younger if there is family history!). I have an uncle and a friend whose lives were likely saved by routine colonoscopies.
Thanks, Gauss, Rick!. I sent them a note! Thanks!