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Can't drag and drop tokens from journal to the battlemap

I'm the DM of a purchased, preset campaign of Curse of Strahd. When trying to drag and drop the monster characters that come bundled in the campaign to the battlemap they simply don't appear, but the characters from the players and monsters from the compendium do appear. The only difference I've seen is that the characters and monsters that come bundled in the campaign do not have a token image, only the avatar image.
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In my copy of Strahd the Acolyte has a token, did you just create your game? If so perhaps you should try again, maybe the first time didn't fully load correctly? As for dragging and dropping...make sure you drag by the creature NAME, not the image in the Journal tab. 
Also you can always go to the Compendium look for acolyte and dragged from there.
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Warlord said: Also you can always go to the Compendium look for acolyte and dragged from there. If there is already a character named Acolyte in the game, then a Compendium drag will only drag in the version that is in the game, not the fresh Compendium version. Also, modules will often have tweaked versions of standard characters.
This isn't a problem just with the acolyte monster, all monster and NPC that come in the adventure have the problem, so if I want to drag a character unique to the campaign it won't work. This campaign was "created" a couple of months back and just encountered this problem, maybe it has to do with the update to the tokens that was made on the 21st?
I found a workaround, on the maps that already have tokens placed I can open the token on the map and then click on the "Update Default Token" button, this at least applies the token to the monster sheet. I can reset all monsters and NPCs that are already placed in the preset maps, but all those that aren't placed I have no way to retrieve their tokens.
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I suggest filing a bug report here It is possible your game got corrupted with the update, resetting it to an earlier state may fix it.