Hello everyone, gather  r ound for the latest release notes! September 20, 2022 Added Player Location preference to New Voice & Video Beta Restored Reconnect Button to the Settings Tab when New Voice & Video Beta is active in the game. September 21, 2022 Players can now see their Art Library in the VTT Players can see their marketplace purchases and personal uploads Players can now drag & drop from their art library to their character’s avatar and default token Note: Players cannot drag & drop from Art Library to VTT Edit Character Enhancements Character Avatar Players can now drag and drop from Art Library Character Default Token “Use Select token” has been moved below the Token Image GMs and Players can drag and drop an image from Art Library or upload from their computer (before Use Selected Token was the only option) Tokens default to 1x1, but will keep size when set with Use Selected Token Defaults to represent the character New “Edit Token Properties” button to edit the default token (GM Only) New “Apply Token Default” to update existing tokens representing this character to match the character’s default token. (GM Only) “Use Select token” has moved below the token image If the selected token is not already set to represent a character, the saved snapshot will represent this character. Token Settings New “Update Token Default” button will copy a snapshot of the token's image and settings as the default token for this character. For those who want to stay up to date, remember our  Change Log  is always updated as releases come.