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Looking for Simple(?) Script to Count Total Number of Cards in Players' Hands Across Multiple Decks


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Does anyone know of an API script that can count (and apply some simple math to) the total number of cards in a player's hand across multiple decks? I play 5e and use multiple decks to track items and equipment based on Darker Dungeons Slot-Based Inventory System.  Each of my 4 decks designates the weight of the items in the deck:  tiny (0.2 slots), small (1 slot), medium (2 slots), and large (3 slots). For example: a player might have 10 tiny, 8 small, 2 medium, and 1 large item in their hand representing a total of 17 item slots in inventory, i.e. (10*0.2) + (8*1) + (2*2) + (1*3). The player can see the number of items in their hand by deck, but has to do the math themselves and it's a bit of a drag sometimes. Is there an API script that I can tweak to do the math quickly for each individual player at the push of a button? Is The Almighty Aaron, the Scriptomancer out there with such a script sitting in a drawer somewhere? :)
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Lol.  Do you mind inviting me to your game and GMing me, I can write you something custom pretty quickly if I don't have to set up what you have. Just PM me, should be really fast to throw together.
Like a genie from a bottle, the master appears. PM sent.