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[LFP][D&D 5e][EST] Homebrew Campaign


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Hello there! I've been playing D&D 5e for about 4 years now and have been DMing off and on for about 2 years now. I'm looking to run a one-shot for around 4ish people in hopes of it becoming a full campaign. For the most part, I want to make sure that both myself and the players are getting what they want out of the game and having fun. So, I'm pitching this as a one-shot so see if the people are compatible with how I DM as well as with each other. But, to be clear, I am looking for people who want to commit to a campaign. I am just aware that people have different things they want from D&D and such.  With that small bit out of the way, the one-shot won't be anything too complex. Frontier's Edge, a small town in the Remore Kingdom which borders the unclaimed Wildlands to the north, is suffering from a bandit problem. With the local militia already stretched thin from the recent attacks, the mayor of the town has put out a call for aid to deal with this threat. A dangerous job for fledgling adventurers for sure, but the perk of a dangerous job is often a healthy reward.  Some additional information: I'm looking for people who are okay with a hearty amount of roleplay (Probably a 60/40 split between roleplay and combat). This means there will probably be sessions that are just roleplay. There will also be combat, most assuredly, but also don't be afraid to try and come up with other solutions or at least attempt them (sometimes the dice gods are cruel). My time zone is EST and I'm looking to run in the evenings on either Wednesday or Friday for at least 3 hours, but I am good to for longer periods of time if people would like. Any experience level is welcome!  Also, I don't have a subscription on here or anything, so I am limited with what I can do, but I try to make use of what is at my disposal.  What I Ask of You: - Have a mic that's at least good enough that I can understand you with reasonable ease as we will be using discord for VC - Feel free to have fun, but don't be disruptive  - Looking for folks around the same age (so people in their 20s)  If you happen to be interested, please leave your discord and a little about yourself below or in a private message, if you'd prefer 
I’d be interested in joining, I used to dm a fortnightly 5e home brew campaign but that was a few years ago now so I’m a bit rusty and I’d like to get back into it. I’m more into light hearted and not so serious style of playing, I understand that’s not a fit for everyone. I am Australian so time zones usually make things a bit tricky but if games are on a Friday elsewhere it’s usually Saturday here for me which would be ideal. I’m a bit over your age range I’m 33.
Hello there and sorry for the delayed reply! I think we can probably make something work for your schedule. If you'd like to send me over your discord, I can get ya into the server 
I have been out of the DnD world for some time but would love to get back into.  

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yo!  this seems awesome, ive been looking for a game a lot like what you're describing (rp focused, homebrew setting, chill vibe, 20s age range, etc) so I'd be definitely interested in joining the one shot to see if its a good fit! wednesdays and fridays work great for me, give me a poke on Discord if you'd like so we can chat :D plum#0012
Sent you all messages!
Hey im interested  in your game Friday is great for me I'm 28 from the UK . 

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Also interested if you're still looking. Ajax#6373
Hi, I'm interested in joining if you're still looking for people, I'm 25 from the UK.
Is this still open? 【 Talon 】#0571