Hello everyone, and welcome to Friday! We've got a handfu l  of nifty updates and fixes in store for you down below! October 7, 2022 Minor bug fixes to D&D 5e Character Sheet to add missing background to Astral Drifter and correct DC’s for certain NPCs when dragged into the VTT. October 10, 2022 Fixed issue where items on "My Marketplace Items" were failing to load. October 11, 2022 Updated welcome page designs. Enabled faster clearing of stuck images during upload for our creators. October 12, 2022 When placing an image on a blank map layer, you now have the option to resize the page or image depending on the dimensions of the image uploaded or drag-and-dropped from your Art Library. Images that have dimensions set will drag-and-drop at those dimensions. You can now set the dimensions of uploaded assets in your Art Library by right clicking and selecting "Resize Item." Fixed an issue where certain elements of the VTT were erroneously ordered to appear above others. For example, handouts will again appear below the action bar. As always, those who want to stay as up-to-date as possible, our  change log  is updated as releases come out. Good luck (and better loot!) to everyone!