Hello all and welcome to November! This week we had   s ome new changes come for the Voice & Video beta preview for Pro users! November 1, 2022 Updates to the New Voice & Video Beta Preview for Pro Users Joining Voice & Video now requires clicking "Join Voice & Video" before broadcasting or sending any Audio or Video. Card Decks are now fully supported on New V&V Player Frames. Player Frames will now display regardless of connection status to Voice & Video, to denote players are present in the game. Added a reconnect button on other players' frames to selectively reconnect to only that player while maintaining your connection to others in-game. Substantial improvements to connection stability and other miscellaneous bugfixes. Keep an eye on our  change log  for the most up-to-date information on new releases! Good luck (and loot) to those groups who may be about to face off against the "Big Bad" this weekend!