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[LFP][5e][Paid][Sunday 1PM EST][First session free]Icewind Dale Rime of The Frostmaiden


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Please note that Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. We have 3 players so far a warlock,cleric and druid. Only had one session so far where players met and now they are inside a dungeon clearing kobolds. The setting North of the spine of the world and west of the towering Reghed Glacier is a frigid expanse few dare to explore, let alone inhabit. This icy land of windswept tundra recently became locked in a perpetual, dark winter without reprieve. Auril the Frostmaiden, the divine embodiment of winter's fury, has withdrawn to this cold corner of the world to live among mortals. Further, she has cast a terrible spell over Icewind Dale, to the detriment of most of its denizens. About the DM &nbsp; About the DM: &nbsp;My DMing style depends on the players I will usually adjust the game according to what the party is doing and giving a lot of freedom to be creative with their character development. Also if you want some creative homebrew race or class just hit me up and I will likely allow it after making some changes if it looks a little op. I have ran this module many times and my groups had many months worth of fun with it. &nbsp;On the subject of the roleplay combat split I do enjoy quite a bit of combat usually having at least one per session and this module is quite dungeoncrawly and combat heavy but I do allow the party to roleplay and do their own stuff as much as they want. &nbsp;And of course I almost never miss a session and run games on most holidays as long as we have enough people to play. General Info - Party size is 6 players max - Each session is 15$ or 13£ (50$ a month) - The game will be long running. - Starting at lvl 3 - For the stats you can either take this game's standard array which is 17 16 15 14 10 9 or just roll 6 times /r 4d6kh3 on the roll20 chat - For stats you can either roll or point buy. - I run when there are 3 or more players.&nbsp; If you want to join please put in an application below with the following info or direct message me. Name: Experience D&amp;D or others TTRPGS: What do you like the most in a campaign: What is your play style like: Have you played this module before: Discord Id: Character(If you have one): Listings:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Still looking for players for this week
Only one slot open for next sunday