Hi, all! I am an experienced GM looking for a select group or individual players who:   1) Engage in the story and appreciate grand quests 2) Enjoy role-playing, combat and exploration 3) Can work cooperatively with others 4) Can commit to playing consistently (weekly) 5) Prefer a GM who works with you to create a story (non-adversarial)   Experienced or newer players are both welcome! Here are the details:   The campaign will take place in a homebrew world that has been successfully play-tested through numerous campaigns. There are literally hundreds of unique locations to explore and an unknown number of NPCs to meet. The party will start on the far edge of the kingdom at 2nd level and will gain power, fame and influence as they progress. As "adventurers" are somewhat rare in this realm, your characters are extraordinary heroes who may end up determining the fate of the world.   THE REALM The homebrew realm is a medieval, "low magic" kingdom ruled by nobility. Most people are common folk just trying to get by in life while members of the noble class enjoy privileges not available to the commoners of the realm. Nobles are given the right to own land and govern its residents (with the crown’s permission, of course). They are also afforded tremendous social and legal rights. However, not all nobles are rich and powerful. Some fall on hard times, finding themselves out of favor with the royal family or financially weak.   MAGIC While it is rare to see a stereotypical wizard in long robes and a wand, all are aware of magic. However, most people usually only encounter minor magic in their lifetimes, such as a potion of healing or perhaps seeing a traveling bard cast a simple spell during a show. Unmagical people consider the arcane to be simultaneously exciting and dangerous. And many people do not understand the difference between a wizard’s magical spells from those cast by a priest.   RELIGION One may worship whomever one chooses, however, the royal family has traditionally supported the worship of Tarden, a sort of all-purpose “father” god. Churches to Tarden are common throughout the realm as it is the state-religion. Shrines for other deities are not uncommon, but there are very few, if any, free-standing churches of other gods in the kingdom as they are taxed heavily by the government. Churches of Tarden, of course, do not suffer such taxation. The close relationship of the church with the royal family means that the church is politically quite powerful.   GAME DETAILS I am looking for 4-5 players and we will play once a week via Discord for voice and Roll20 for battle maps and handouts.  I will also create a specific Discord server for us so that we can role-play between sessions (if you like, not required), post more details about the game and answer questions as needed.  Please note that I work hard as a GM to create a fun, exciting, intriguing and dangerous game for you.  I will also be available on Discord to role-play NPCs or answer questions every day. You can expect a GREAT playing experience and I will strive to make it so. As such, I charge $15 per player per session (payable before sessions via Venmo or Paypal).   INTERESTED? If you think this might be a fun campaign, please feel free to message me here or hit me up on Discord (IvanDrake#5028).