Hello everyone and welcome to December! It is our first week back after the Thanksgiving holiday but we've got some fun releases for you all to get caugh t  up on! November 18, 2022 Corrected weighting of the Critical Injury roll tables for official Cyberpunk RED character sheet November 22, 2022 Updates made to the Marvel Playtest Character sheet to incorporate 1.3 errata. November 29, 2022 Fixed an issue where rolling dice in the tutorial game caused an error. November 30, 2022 Windows are now available for Pro users in Early Access via the "Place" tool in the lefthand toolbar on the VTT. Players with permissions and sight can see through windows, but they block movement for player tokens and prompt turning on Restrict Player Movement if not already on. Players can click on windows that are not locked to open and close them. Opening a window removes the movement restriction, so the player can then move through the window. GMs can open/close windows and lock/unlock windows with toggles, change the line color, and select and delete windows. GMs can resize and rotate windows via bubbles at each end of the window from the Dynamic Lighting layer. Windows have Mod (API) properties for placement, open/close, and locked/unlocked. Fixed an issue where advanced keyboard shortcuts were not functioning. Fixed an issue obscuring the color picker with the toolbar. Fixed an issue causing animated tokens to stop animating. December 2, 2022 Resolved an issue where the Virtual Tabletop displayed a black screen under certain conditions when only WebGL1 was available for the browser. Keep an eye on our  change log  for the most up-to-date information on new releases!