<a href="https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/354898/duskborn-dynasty" rel="nofollow">https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/354898/duskborn-dynasty</a> LOOKING FOR 1 more player to play in a duskborn game!&nbsp; Starting session Zer0 this friday and available through StartPlaying.games I will send you all the links for discord and Startplaying when you join.&nbsp; YOU WILL NEED ROLL20, DISCORD and STARTPLAYING account to play. :-) CAMPAIGN WILL NOT START UNTIL 3 or 4 PLAYERS ARE SIGNED UP * (and you will not be charged until we first meet as a group) NEW PLAYERS WELCOME The Thin-blooded, Duskborn, the Weaklings "A deteriorated breed, a portent of the end times, or a vampire for a brave new world? Balancing at the midpoint between life and death, the everchanging nature of the Duskborn evokes pity, jealousy, and fear in equal measure. Survivors of the last decades of pogroms, prejudice, and ostracization, the thin-blooded are here to stay. Their messy street-alchemy and ability to pass as human makes them uniquely suited to thrive outside Kindred society and make their own fate in the post-modern nights." -VtM5 Corebook Campaign setting: This is a Thin-blooded campaign set in Cheyenne, WY and surrounding area in modern times (aka 2023-ish WoD) 'Tis the season....Cheyenne, the Cowboy State's "Biggest" city, is fully covered in snow and holiday decorations. The suburbs are filled with dirty frozen and plowed streets. Lined with faded houses glowing with spirit of the season. The perfect time for the supernatural creatures that control and stalk the night to prepare for the next offensive...that either they or their enemies are plotting. For you neither the holiday spirit, nor the movements of dark forces seem to impact you at the level they should, even though you are pulled toward and affected by both...Your humanity still try's to cling to the season, but the monstrosity you are becoming pulls you towards the powers that control the darkness. Why were you chosen for this infliction? What do you do now? How to you adapt to this new un-life? What ties do you sever to protect your loved ones from knowing what you have become? WHAT HAVE YOU BECOME?