Hey, the name is Teno and im a professional DM running multiple weekly games! I’m currently looking for 2-3 players so fill out 2 ongoing campaigns.  On Fridays at 3pmEST, I have a run of Lost Mines of Phandelver. This adventure is a classic with tons of dungeon delving and the uncovering of conspiracy! The party is level 4, going into the final chapter of the adventure. This would be a great opportunity to jump into something short and fun, and be part of the group for the next adventure we choose! On Saturdays at 10amEST, I have a run of Dragon of IceSpire Peak. This adventure is a low level, beginner friendly campaign that focuses on questing and exploration; eventually becoming strong enough to take on the dragon that has taken residence nearby. The party is still level 1 and only 2 sessions in; you would be able to jump in for basically the whole adventure! My fee is $10US per person for weekly 3 hour sessions. If either of these games interests you or you have other questions about my services, let me know here or on Discord at Teno#3210!