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Curse of the Crimson Throne. Tuesdays, 7PM~ EST. Experienced PF players.


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What: A Pathfinder adventure path set in the city of Korvosa, a thriving city home to everything from the largest magic Acadamae in Varisia and a prominent trade economy, to a complex criminal element and underworld, all kept in line by the Order of the Nail Hellknights and Sable Company Marines, and under the eye of the monarchy ruling from the ancient pyramid of a castle towering above the city. This is mostly an urban setting/adventure, at least for the first half of the campaign, and there's huge amounts of setting detail for players to use to craft characters with. People should be familiar with the setting, or willing to get acquainted, relevant splatbooks can be provided for that. Players should expect to build a character that's tied to the city itself and has meaningful ties to it. People who can be self-starters and seek out people and things in the game to interact with will find a lot to do here. Feel free to download and read the Player's Guide if you want some information about the setting, it's available for free from Paizo. When: Tuesday evenings, EST. How: Skype voice chat is mandatory, and I use the Skype group to keep in touch with players. Sorry, no text gaming. What you need: A solid enough mastery of the Pathfinder system so things don't get bogged down, an ability to create engaging and interesting characters and no strong desire to powergame or try to compete with the group. I'm not saying there's no combat, but I'd much rather an interesting, if slightly weaker character than one built to steamroll encounters but has no personality. Regular attendance, and a friendly attitude. I'll be taking 5 players, 6 absolutely max, and am looking to start playing probably the second week in September, though I may do things before then. Get in touch with me here via PM, or on Skype (name Askren- with the dash ) with a basic bit about who you are and what you're looking for in a campaign, and we'll talk.
Bump. Pruned a bit for clarity.
Character rules?
Nothing special, races are restricted to core, with the setting favoring humans, pretty much any class is fine as long as it makes sense, though I try to keep full-casters to less than half the party. I'd like to also quash summoning Sorcerors, someone always plays one and it makes everything drag so much. Druids and Barbarians probably wouldn't do well in the urban setting, and Gunslingers are iffy. And please, no mounted classes (even small ones). Other than that, 20 point buy, 2 traits, class average gold, etc.
Since summoning is integral to a druid (spontaneous casting) would they be able to swap it for something? And druid work Well in cities if they have parks. Hired caretaker of the extensive parks,for example. Or one trying to bring the wilds back to civilizationm
I'm really not crazy about having a drawn out discussion of justifying what does and doesn't work in the setting here in a game thread. If people want to discuss that, they can get in touch with me where I'm happy to talk, but this isn't really the place.
Hello Askren, I might be interested to play. I have not a lot of experience in the pathfinder setting except for reading some of the rullebooks to keep informed. I have a strong history on running shadowruns campaign the last 2 years so I'm interested in playing with some interaction focus character. If you're ok, I'll add you on skype to discuss a little bit about class and do my character over the week-end. P.S. I'm favorising a basic class
Those applicants without setting experience should start with the Player's Guide, which Paizo gives out for free. It's a place to start.
I might be interested in this. I've been playing PF pretty solid since the start of the year and am comfortable with the base classes. What classes are in your party currently? I've no interest in playing (another) cleric or oracle, but perhaps an urban barbarian, alchemist or a bard might be interesting.
Bump. I'm still taking applications.
I'm gonna keep this up for a bit, people are still welcome to get in touch, but I'll be putting together my final group this weekend, hopefully. Character building session will follow. So anyone who hasn't already gotten to me on Skype should do so, even if we already talked via PM.
Someone invited me to something tomorrow 9/2 and I wanted to confirm that nothing was happening with this for another couple of weeks, right?

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Hi am quite keen to join in, am REALLY hoping that there is space! About me I am an avid table-top gamer of about 8 years now, yes I started late in University, but I plan on catching up with the 'old timers' by dint of sheer stubbornness and marathon sessions. I started on D&D 3.5 and after a very brief exposure to 4th ed settled on pathfinder as my game of choice, with the occasional affair with 'Vampire the Masquerade'. I also have had some positive exposure to 2nd ed Mutants and Masterminds and used it as an outlet for the occasional Min/Max outlet (The system is inherently ridiculous and even the example vanilla characters are a power-gamers wet dream. That being said I know my way around character design and have supped from the cup of optimization and whilst it is a sweet and seductive delight, realise how bittersweet it can become. On a personal note I Am finishing off my Masters thesis, so time is totally a flexible thing, and I enjoy long immersive sessions.I love the unbridled enthusiasm and creativity that is exposed when we role-play, and yes, the excitement of a fictional character failing or succeeding based on the fickle whims of the dice aka 'Roll playing' also gets my blood pumping. While I am new to the online virtual tabletop, but figure that due to the logistics of finding great games, coupled with advances in tech, that it is the future. About Your Campaign I have managed to get about half way through the first 'hook' of this campaign in the past, we had just confronted Lamm, and only lost one party member to the crocodile :) I'm happy to play whatever the party 'requires' and have several colorful ideas all depending on which roles are required. I am probably not going to play a full caster, unless I go Cleric route, which in my case is less of a blasty spellcaster and more of a team support class with great roleplay opportunities. TLDNR Would love to join your game please P.M me if I make it in with details ASAP so that I can get you my character sheet.