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Is it possible to mass update my NPCs to auto-roll damage and crits

I created a module a few weeks ago, but the NPCs were by default whispering all rolls to me and not auto-rolling damage and crits. After screweing around on my end with betterroll20 (or whatever it's called) I managed to mass correct the whispering issue, but it's not being so helpful with mass changing the NPCs to auto-roll the damage. Any chance someone knows how I can fix this issue? If possible, I really don't want to have to delete and remake the module, since my players' characters are level 3 already, and would be pretty inconvenient for them to have to do that at this point.
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What sheet are you using? If it is the D&D 5th Edition by Roll20 Sheet, then you can set that on the campaign settings page, then load your game, go to the settings tab, and under Miscellaneous, there is an option to apply changed settings to all characters within the game. Be sure to wait for the thin, easy-to-miss progress bar to complete. This will change ALL sheets, so you may need to manually revert the few PCs, if necessary.
Launch the game => Settings Tab => Miscellaneous => Apply Default Settings I selected "Auto Damage Roll" and hit Apply Settings. I then checked the top and saw the easy to miss bar and waited for it to complete, at which point a popup said "Selected settings successfully applied" I tried that, and it's still not doing that. Sometimes it undoes the "roll public" thing and I have to redo that with the VTTES thing. The weird thing is that in the individual NPC sheets under settings it DOES have the right settings selected, that it should auto roll damage and crits, but STILL nothing. I have to change it to not do that and then reselect to autoroll damage for it to do that. Any idea what the issue might be?
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Since you are using a 3rd party browser addon that interacts with Roll20 (specifically makes changes to the character sheets), there is no telling if that is interfering somehow or not.  I just tested on a game made with the phandelver module, and it worked exactly as keithcurtis said it should. 
I tried using a browser that doesn't have the extension, and still nada. I guess this is just something I'm going to have to live with?
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Daniel K. said: I tried using a browser that doesn't have the extension, and still nada. I guess this is just something I'm going to have to live with? The thing is, once you have connected to a game with a browser extension that make that sort of invasive changes, there is no guarantee that you haven't made permanent changes to sheet/game data that will linger beyond the use of the extension.  Yeah, you are probably going to have to live with it.

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Well darn. Thanks anyway for the help. At least I'm able to undo the whisper GM thingy en masse, THAT one is the one that is far more irritating. Not auto-rolling damage is a bit annoying but something I can live with without going crazy.
I believe you might be able to use ChatSetAttr to update the auto-roll damage setting, if there is a sheet attribute that controls it. I’m on mobile so I can’t check at the moment, but if there’s an attribute for the toggle then you could use a pretty simple command with that API. 

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@Jarren I've never used  ChatSetAttr before, any idea how I'd use it to push an update to all character sheets to do this? After looking it up, I know it would use " !setattr --all" but I have no idea how to go about finding the... is ID tag the right word? for " auto-roll damage and crits" to be able to push an "all update" to "no" and then "yes". Any chance you know what the tag is, or how I'd go about finding it?

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It's an initially hidden attribute named 'dtype' on the 'D&D 5E by Roll20' sheet, so it's not visible on the Attributes & Abilities page until its been modified (or rather it has a default value until its modified), and there are two possible values when toggled:     'full' sets AUTO DAMAGE ROLL:  to 'Auto Roll Damage and Crit'     'pick' sets  AUTO DAMAGE ROLL:  to 'Don't Auto Roll Damage' Once it has been changed (either through ChatSetAttr or manually on the settings tab) it'll be visible in the Attributes list. So the command you're looking for with ChatSetAttr to change all tokens in the game  to 'Auto Roll Damage and Crit' is: !setattr --all --dtype|full From the wiki page on ChatSetAttr : --all will affect all characters in the game. USE WITH CAUTION This option will only work for the GM. If you have a large number of characters in your campaign, this will take a while to process all attribute changes.
To answer your other question about how to find the Attribute, you can open up the character sheet where the toggle is, and right click on the item and use the 'inspect' feature in Chrome (I'm not sure what it's called in Firefox, but there's a similar feature).  Then you'll see something like this: Just remove the attr_ and that's how it'll be referenced, for example with a regular attribute call: @{selected|dtype}

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Thanks a ton man, that works. I installed the mod and then tried using  !setattr --all --dtype|pick   to try to initialize the value, but for whatever reason, it started then auto rolling the damage. Rather than mess with it anymore and try to figure out why it did what I wanted it to do when it shouldn't have, I'm just going to leave it since atm it's doing exactly what I'd like it to do. Thanks again man, you're my hero.