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Pinging again on this topic: Paizo Adventure Paths

So, in light of Roll20 signing on to ORC and maybe reconsidering their reliance on Hasbro products... can we see a return to publishing Adventure Paths? The last one we got was Quest for the Frozen Flame (excluding Kingmaker because that one is a weird duck). Since then, two more (one three-book and one six-book) APs have been published, and a new three book AP is starting in the next week or so. Being able to grab an published adventure saves me a stunning amount of time. The only reason I was able to squeeze in a Frozen Flame game was because  it was published through Roll20.  And before people say "ask Paizo", the ball is fully in Roll20's court. Paizo provides the assets, Roll20 is the one who makes the VTT magic happen.  Signed, Someone who is currently prepping Gatewalkers and is so tired of messing with grids

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I cannot address your other points as I am not Roll20 staff, but if you are having issues with aligning maps to the grid let me know, I may be able help you streamline aligning your maps. 
The issue with Paizo maps is that the ones you extract from the PDFs are slightly off . Not "Oh, it's not 70x70, but 69x69", but rather "On this side of the page, the boxes are 68x68, but over here, they're 72x72." It's some distortion that happens while rending the PDFs that I suspect isn't present in the original files that are handed over to affiliates. 
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T hat is strange. Could you invite me to a game so I could see this?
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DPI of a map image is set by the PDF encoder. Images are typically downsampled to a maximum size depending on the PDF intent. (It's actually more complex than that, but this is close enough). Once you have extracted an image, it's much better to go by units (grid squares) if possible. You may need to crop the image to grid edges before uploading to make this simpler.
I would absolutely like to see more AP's, as well as every other PF2 book, and the charactermancer finished after years of waiting would be good too.
"So, in light of Roll20 signing on to ORC and maybe reconsidering their reliance on Hasbro products... can we see a return to publishing Adventure Paths?" i am not seeing this ""topic" carried much on here and though i have had my quibbles with roll20 i want them to realize that a great many of us stand with roll20 in the face of the extinction scale event in D&D. i would approve open dialogue with us as much as is possible as u chart these waters. D&D is dead, long live D&D!
 I have given up any hope of roll20 coming through for the Pathfinder 2e people after the last Q&A. When my subscription runs out I'm giving up pro as I've already invested in another VTT and PF2e assets for it. As I transition I will continue the D&D campaign I have on here but all my Pathfinder campaigns and purchases will happen elsewhere. Good luck.