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Creating Macro for Journal


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Heath H
Sheet Author
Been working on a macro/api for starfinder ship initiatives (using Starfinder by Roll20 character sheets) I've managed to code all of the what I needed posted to chat, and was planning on following this by putting a chat handler to actually add them to the tracker.&nbsp; But then I found that I can't have ` ?{Question|Choice1|Choice2} ` in what I post for ` sendChat() `. Anyways since I found that what I was creating for the roll was correct, my next plan was instead of running it through API, I wanted to use the API to create a macro on the character sheet (not global). But browsing all the info in&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;I found that Journal doesn't have a macros attribute, and macros don't have anything that looks to link them to a journal. So now I'm kind of stuck, and finally reaching out for some ideas. For those not familiar with Starfinder by Roll20, or just want more detail to suggest an alternate path I could take... Starships have links to Pilots (separate journals), and I am in the process of creating an initiative button that will put all this information together. Pilots are a list of either other journals ie. "Yuna Kel", or for npcs, usually a name and a bonus to pilot "Pilot +7" or just "+7". So I'm creating a macro that will look like: [[1d20?{Pilot|Pilot,+7|Yuna Kel,+13}[PILOT]+1[MANEUVER]+@{ship|engine_status}[ENGINES]+@{ship|core_status}[CORE]?{Use Computer|Yes,+2[COMPUTER]|No, }]] This is all generated from the existing character sheet, and I'll probably put a handler to auto update it when something in the journal updates (or just a refresh macro to run the api).
The Aaron
Roll20 Production Team
API Scripter
I think the disconnect here is that what you want to create from a the API is called an ability. It's like a macro, but associated with a character object.&nbsp;
Heath H
Sheet Author
That's exactly what I needed, thanks!