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API Stops working frequently

On my Roll20 games, my API frequently stops working and the sandbox needs to be restarted - every time it says there's an error. I have been in the middle of sessions, so I haven't been able to review them, but I can't help but think this isn't normal. Here are current API Mods: GroupCheck GroupInitiative Aura/Tint HealthColors Combat Master Token Action Maker TokenMod Concentration Can you help me? I'm badly confused about how this all works and wonder if there are any conflicts between the mods.
Do you have the one-click of Combat master or the last one updated in the forum post?
If by one click, you mean the one I can download through Roll20 directly, that one. It says the version is the latest and is Combat Master v2.47. Does that help?
Try 2.48&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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As others have mentioned, there may be an interaction with your chosen scripts that causes this. But in general, the API is less reliable than it used to be and does just sometimes stop working sometimes. It can be handy to keep your Script page open in anotehr browser window while you play, so you can esily check if its still running and quicky restart it. You can restart the scripts without refreshing your game.