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[Script Help] EasyExperience crashes the API Sandbox


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Hello! I just installed EasyExperience for a new campaign I will be running, and the function for tallying XP works great, but the function for dividing the session XP crashes my API Sandbox, only affects the first player sheet in the list, tells me that they've leveled up to 20 regardless of how much XP they've actually been given, and tells me that the character sheet for the player has not generated an experience attribute yet, even though it most definitely has . I've entered 0 into all the current experience fields for each player, like the mod author suggests. Here are some screenshots of the issues.  Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!
Lazy experience is a litter better to use. but it looks like you haven't define the threshold for experience. Easy experience creates a character sheet call Experience threshold, which you need to define what is the exp. that the characters need to reach to give the lvl up. I used easy experience and I believe there is an option to select 5e, but to me never work I had to use the custom option and enter each lvl manually. This is the Character sheet that you will get &nbsp; You need to put on chat "!xp config" to set up the Mod. I hop this help, If it does not work try Lazy experience I think there is even a video of how it works. follow this link&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>