Hi all, I hope the week has g o ne well and that the weekend goes even better! This week we have a variety of character sheet updates to share with you :) January 23, 2023 A number of quality of life updates were made to the official D&D 5e sheet, including: When dragging weapons onto the sheet optional attack descriptions will now be populated Roll template styling updated to make it more apparent when something is clickable Fixes to correct some styling issues with the dark mode version of the sheet Updated the Official Fallout character sheet to add a Survival Section to the Core PC tab, to track Hunger, Sleep, Thirst and Fatigue, as well as record/send to chat injuries and diseases. Fixed a bug on the Official Fallout character sheet that was causing the additional damage button to throw an error when damage is auto-rolled Added an optional field to the Pathfinder 2e character sheet to apply typed and auto-calculated bonuses and penalties to strikes Fixed a bug on the Official Call of Cthulhu 7e sheet to correct damage bonuses for 'extreme successes' Please check the  Change Log  for up-to-date information as releases come out!