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Walls blocking sight but not movement (curtains, tapestry, etc)

Score + 73

Edited 1705171773
There is a page-level option to control whether a wall prevents movement. Please make this an option of each individual wall (to override the page-level default). This would allow curtains, tapestry, magical darkness, smoke (Dave H's idea!), illusory walls (Ian's idea!), and other things that block sight but do not block movement.
Yes please
Marketplace Creator
They now have regular wall, one-way, and transparent options. It seems like they have the ability to toggle "block light" or "block travel" independently already, they just have to want to. 
Other topic on this:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Sheet Author
API Scripter
It seems best to concentrate the votes on one suggestion.
@Laurent ... as the OP of that other topic, I completely agree, and have voted here for this one, which sits at a much higher number
Ye Gods, yes, please.
JD said: Yes please
I would like this feature as well.
+1 Can avoid a lot a manipulations. Great feature
This feature would be a great improvement to the system. All the listed use cases in the OP have come up in my games. One module I run very explicitly has a "curtain which divides the room. Creatures can pass through this curtain but not see through it." I also love throwing illusory walls at players. Would be very fun if they could discover if such things are real or not for themselves instead of my needing to manipulate them. Especially during combat time.