Hey folks, apologies for the delay on the release notes this week but they're here now! Also in case you've missed it, we've got a great update from our CTO on our blog . Have a great weekend y'all and best of rolling to you! February 20, 2023 CoC 7e Sheet update: Changed Dodge & Own Language edit fields to more clearly present the calculation of the total skill value Cyberpunk RED sheet updates: Roles are now draggable onto the sheet at Rank 1 Athletics added to weapon skill drop down Ammo types are now a toggleable field for shotguns to allow switching between damage and alt damage input fields February 23, 2023 Resolved an issue when using the new Integrated Voice & Video in some languages other than English that would cause several issues, including inability to connect to other players, inability to see other players in the game, and some issues with whisper functionality. Increased available relay server capacity for Voice & Video. Please check the  Change Log  for up-to-date information on releases.