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Can I make a macro be clickable, to roll damage?

So, I am not using any character sheets, since I do my own home-made rpg system and dice rolling mechanics. I have gotten some wonderful help so far, and I was thinking about something new: Can I have a macro roll my attack from the custom abilities in the roll20 sheets, and then give you a clickable button or text or something, to also roll damage? So far, I have a macro that rolls both at once, but since my players should be able to take reactions after attacks, but before damage, I want damage to not be visible right away. I know one simple solution is to make a macro for attack and one for damage each, but I just wanted to check if this was somehow doable? So far, this is how the macro looks: You brawl, with an attack roll of [[(@{selected|dicepool}+@{selected|attackbonus}-@{selected|attackpenalty})]] and dealing [[floor(@{selected|strength}*2d6/100*@{selected|damagebonus})]] damage. You use 3 Energy in the attack.

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You can use a Chat Menu for this. If you need help setting that up let me know.
Andreas J.
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Sheet Author
Yeah, maybe. Using tricks like this: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I made this,&nbsp; but not sure if it works. You brawl, with an attack roll of [[(@{selected|dicepool}+@{selected|attackbonus}-@{selected|attackpenalty})]]. [Roll damage](`deals [[floor(@{selected|strength}*2d6/100*@{selected|damagebonus})]] damage with the attack). You use 3 Energy in the attack. Replacing the stats with just numbers, at least the following somewhat works, but the calcualtion in the damage roll might be breaking bc I just put some random numbers: You brawl, with an attack roll of [[(4+3-2)]]. You use 3 Energy in the attack. %NEWLINE% [Roll damage?](`deals [[floor(3*2d6/100*1.5)]] damage with the attack.) For some reason the trick breaks if you try place it with an /em command.