Hi everyone! Hope folks are having a great week going int o  the weekend! I've got some patch notes for all of you here ! March 3, 2023 Updates made to the official Vampire the Masquerade character sheet: Fixed SPC Configure sheet button Improved rolling for rouse and remorse checks Roll pool bonus query is now the roll modifier query, with ability to add negative modifiers now supported March 9, 2023 Released an improved device selection menu for Integrated Voice & Video that allows viewing and setting your selected devices before joining a call to assist with troubleshooting. Also allowed device failure errors to be dismissable, so that you can still join a call when there is a device error. Improved virtual device (OBS Studio, etc.) support in Integrated Voice & Video, especially in Firefox. Various fixes to device selection to improve compatibility for webcams and microphones. Various other fixes and improvements to minor backend errors. Please check the  Change Log  for up-to-date information on releases.