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[PAID $20/Session] [LFP][D&D 5e] [Campaign]- Waterdeep: Dragon Heist- Sunday, March 19th- 12-3 PM CST- 3rd Level Game


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Hello! My name is Louis, although I tend to go by LOUigi in most settings. My pronouns are He/They, I am 22 years old, and I have been DMing for about 3-4 years now. I mainly play D&amp;D 5e, however I have experience playing Pathfinder 2e, and am interested in checking out new TTRPGs and platforms to play them on. I pride myself on hosting a very inclusive and open space for players to express themselves and feel safe. For context, I am a gay afro-latino man, and so TTRPG spaces can be toxic at times, not to mention for femme-presenting individuals, and so I want to create campaigns where people can feel safe and escape from the (let's be honest) horrors of reality. I am big into communication being key, and so my DMs are always open, and I will take your comments/requests in good faith because my main priority is that my players be happy and enjoying themselves. This can range from a change in language used during session when referring to certain topics to even changing classes/subclasses. I will do my best to tie that in story/plot-wise, but I care less about your character's gameplay mechanics as long as you the player are enjoying playing them. If this sounds like a space for you, feel free to reach out, and I would love to have you! You will encounter a thrilling mystery that will take you through the streets of Waterdeep. You'll encounter shady factions, criminal syndicates, and government forces as you make your mark on this stunning city. Uncover the secret surrounding 'Neverember's Enigma' and become proper heroes!&nbsp; It is 1492 DR, the Year of Three Ships Sailing. The current Open Lord, Laeral Silverhand, is currently overseeing the entirety of Waterdeep. Waterdeep is a bustling cosmopolitan city, bringing individuals from every corner of the Forgotten Realms together for an exchange of culture, knowledge, and most of all, money. Known to many as the "City of Splendors" and the 'Jewel of the Sword Coast". But below the surface, multiple factions are duking it out for control of the *real* Waterdeep. Rumors of a hidden treasure embezzled by the previous Open Lord, Dagult Neverember, are beginning to swirl. With violence increasing, grudges deepening, and pressure building, something big is bound to happen.&nbsp; You will be embroiled in a web of secrets, lies, and ulterior motives as you work together to decipher Neverember's Enigma and stop Waterdeep from falling into absolute chaos. Who will you meet, who should you trust, and who may be watching you? Discord:&nbsp;LOUigi#3190 StartPlaying GM Profile:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Campaign on StartPlaying:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Listing:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $20/Session through StartPlaying Games. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.
Hello Louigi, Is this session a session zero? What house rules are there? Any race or class restrictions? Is the team already setup? If so, what's their race and classes so that I can see about who to create to round out the team? Whats the balance between combat vs social interaction in the story? Any alignment restrictions? Any limit on multiclassing? Oh I cant send a PM to you on your page as the software wont allow it for some reason it appears to be bugged. It asks if you're human in the area to write your text so you cant write a message in the text message area to send a message. Damian