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Dungeon Masters Guide -- Maps

I apologize for some of the dumb questions I am asking. I appreciate all of those who help and respond. I came across a section of writing in my module that said "Appendix C: Maps" for the Dungeons Masters Guide. It says if you don't want to take the time to create your own maps, use some of the ones included with the DM Guide. But for the life of me, I can't find these maps. I searched Maps and get redirected to the write up on Appendix C, right where I started. How do I find these helpful, already done, DM Guide maps? Thanks!
If it’s part of a module, and you used the module when you created the game, then the maps will be on the Page tab. 
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As a Pro user, you can also use the Transmogrifier to move those maps into different games.
I understand where the maps are in the module and yes, I use those maps. I just thought the DM Guide had it's own maps in case there were sand box areas of the Module and you wanted to add maps to the campaign. For example, adding taverns or homes or even a large overland map that shows all the nearby cities and towns that isn't already included in the game. I've tried adding an overland map that is included in the game but isn't a "map." Unfortunately, when I add it all the words are blurry when you zoom in, even though the jpg picture isn't blurry when you look at it. Anyway, I just thought maybe I was missing something and the DM Guide came with a bunch of standard maps and I just wasn't finding them. Thanks for the help!
Ok, now I understand. I didn't realize there was a DM Guide module. I thought the modules were part of the games I've purchased, like Rise of the Drow. I didn't know the DM Guide had it's very own module. Ok, so I can take those maps from the module and transmogrify them into the current module I'm using.