Hello everyone and welcome back to the release notes! Before we  st art into the notes, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention an awesome new blog post we have from our UX & Product Design Lead! In case you missed the big news, we are overhauling the virtual table top and you can read all about our process directly from our design team! Check it out here! Virtual Tabletop Redesign: Our Research Now, onto the release notes! April 10, 2023 Character Sheets - Added sheetworker to dynamically fill select options and data lists so sheet developers can more easily present users with choices relating to their character.  See forum for more details. April 12, 2023 Added new background settings to the page settings menu within the VTT. Now, as a GM of a game, you can set the color of the board and the color of the backdrop. Changing the board color will change the color of the white area under your maps and grids Changing the backdrop color will change the color of the off-limit areas around the map. Now there is also a setting that will automatically set the color of the backdrop (area around the map) to the dominant color of the board + all images on the map layer. Co-gms (promoted gms that are not the original owner of the game) can now copy and use the invite link at the bottom of the chat log when they first log in.  Please check the  Change Log  for up-to-date information on releases.