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[LFP] [d100 BRP-alike] Bound to None, a new low-tech sci-fi game seeks spacers for Tuesdays 5pm PST. (18+)

Grab your plasma pistol, load up on sticky bombs, and click on your heat shield in the sci-fi roleplayinggame about building a legacy in the frontier of the galaxy. Take your crew wherever you want to go as one of eight species like Zetans, The Assembly, Martians, Kymir, or Shards in a world where anything ispossible and freedom is as close as your starship’s airlock door. The Game Simple but deep d100 roll-under in the style of Call of Cthulhu and Runequest. Fast tactical combat that feels like X-COM. 100 page book written by me using the classic d100 system. Violent and fun. The Gear Drug grenades, pocket atomics, plasma claws, heater carbines, sonic pistols, and more. Fire up the engine on The Boar, hop into your power armor and unload a chain gun on the bug aliens invading New Texas. Cyberware, poison, plasma claws, spaceships, hovercraft, jetpacks, dropships, and fighters. The System No classes, no levels, make the character you want. Everything you can do is skill-based, skills improve as you use them. Incremental improvement means you level up a little bit every session. Detailedcombat phases keep combat tactical, dangerous, and fast. Armor and shields reduce damage. The Tone Action/adventure, fast and deadly tactical combat, and a love for the weird. Mash up Dune, Cowboy Bebop, Starship Troopers, Hitchiker’s Guide, and Futurama to get something like the cosmopolitan, free-wheeling society of Conesta. Not hard sci-fi, we have superpowers, FTL travel, and the unknown. The Schedule Tuesdays at 5pm PST. This is a casual episodic game, run weekly or when I can make it. We play if we have three players and a GM. If somebody else wants to GM occasionally that's cool. The GM I've been playing games since flannel was fashionable. I like real choices and real consequences, and I don't talk your ear off. I will never use "safety tools" of any kind, but we're not doing ERP. The Players You should know how to use roll20 basics, have played an rpg before, and give the group your full attention during the session. Must be able to count to 100 and use voice communication.
Is this locked in for Tuesdays? I can make it but just curious.
I really like the pulpy sci-fi feel you are describing...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the d100 family of games.   How close are you to RuneQuest?  Are you using strike ranks for initiative or something closer to the Mythras rules? How many players are you looking for and when are you planning to start?   If you are willing to share, I'd like very much to see the rules that you've put together.  
Sorry for the delay, I had some health issues. BtN uses combat Phases, which are similar to RQ's strike ranks but implemented a little differently. We'll be playing the first game tomorrow, I'm sending you an invite to our discord in DM.