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Adding character to player's journal from token

If a token is associated with a character sheet, is there any way to make that sheet appear in someone's journal with a macro command? I'm aware it's only a few clicks, but I'm trying to do it quickly with multiple characters. I'm trying to simulate in Roll20 a setup where everyone gets dealt a pile of character sheets, selects their favourite, and passes the rest to the next player along. Passing control of the character sheets around is easy enough using token-mod, but I thought it would be less confusing if the sheets not in their 'hand' were not visible in their journals.

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<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Oosh posted a modified version of TokenMod that incorporates 'inplayerjournal' functionality a year ago.&nbsp; TheAaron said he was planning on incorporating it into his next version, but it doesn't look like that has happened yet. So if this is a one-time thing, you could disable your current version of TokenMod and manually load Oosh's version, run the command on the tokens you need, then disable the modified version and reenable TheAaron's version. Or even hackier, take Oosh's version and put it into a word processor and substitute (find &amp; replace) all of the instances of '!token-mod' with another command that you'll only use for updating the 'inplayerjournal' aspect.&nbsp; It shouldn't interfere with TokenMod if it uses a different command, and you can leave both versions running, and just create a custom macro for adding/removing player character sheet visibility to tokens. Though it's possible you'd need to adjust a few other things like the observer portions of the script that might still get called by other scripts - so swapping out all instances of 'TokenMod' with something else would probably fix that.
That works perfectly. Thanks for the quick and helpful response!