Hi everyone and a happy start to June! This week we had a VERY exciting update with the new T oo lbar being available for all users to opt in. We have a  redesign page  dedicated to providing updates and a look at what's coming next as well. And in case you missed it, there is also an easy method to provide us feedback that you can quickly find in the VTT. Please feel free to let us know what you think! We are working quickly to implement many feedback submissions and requests for this new interface to make it as amazing as it can be. For good measure, feedback can be submitted here. Happy rolling! May 29, 2023 Updates made to the Pathfinder 2e character sheet: Added Multi-Attack-Penalty buttons for Alchemical Bombs Made text areas across the sheet resizable in edit mode, to make editing description/effect fields easier Updates made to the Vampire the Masquerade character sheet: Gave impairment a much-needed update Made Willpower rollable Fixed Humanity rolls hanging for a long time. May 31, 2023 New Toolbar Redesign Opt-in A "What's New" modal and chat insert will help us tell you know when new features are coming out. It will also prompt you to opt-in. Released a new look and feel to the main toolbar along with a number of new features. Check out the  redesign page  to see what it looks like, see what's coming, and give us feedback. You can now see an example of the font when using the text tool The Preview as Player is now available and has some cool updates that allow you to see what is selected and exit the preview. Layer are now broken out into the toolbar so you can easily switch between them and see which one you're on. June 2, 2023 Bug Fixes for the New Toolbar Redesign (Opt-in only) Fixed a bug where the line context menu would stay up even when you selected a token or some other object that it did not apply too. Fixed a bug where the "Align to Grid" notification didn't work properly with the new toolbar. Now you should be able to use it as expected. Now the "Preview as Token" sits above the marco bar so you can exit out of that mode. We are still considering better positioning options in the future. The Preview as Token shortcut is now working for macs again. For some people the Fog of War tool would stack for the enhanced Fog of War submenu. Now it should display properly. Fixed a bug where the screen would jump around a lot while dragging a token and trying to measure using the right click. This now works as expected. Improvements for the New Toolbar Redesign (Opt-in only) Now when you select a tool on the toolbar, that tool is immediately chosen instead of waiting for you to select something for the submenu. When the Dice Tool is open, you can now click the dice icon and close the tool as well. The resize handle for the dice menu now has a bigger click area so when you click on the resize icon it will actually work. Now when you are in the "Preview as Token" mode, you can hit ESC on your keyboard and exit out of the mode. Please check the  Change Log  for up-to-date information on releases.