Hi everyone! This is an exciting week for us as  w e welcome  Dungeon Scrawl  into Roll20. You can read all the details on our  blog post here . But for the short version... For those unfamiliar, Dungeon Scrawl is a mapmaking tool that allows you to create maps extremely quickly. When combined with Roll20 this can enable GMs and players to create maps in real time allowing for a zero-prep solution. Right now, these tools are still separate from Roll20 but we have some ideas on combining Dungeon Scrawl and Roll20 Seamless map exports to Roll20 games A shared library of images and scenes/maps Cloud storage for maps … so much more to come We are really looking forward to the opportunities and doors that Dungeon Scrawl can open for GMs and players with an easy to use tool to keep the fun going. These changes won't happen right away. We need some time to finish what we've started on the VTT, but you can still check out and use  Dungeon Scrawl  today! Lastly,  Andrew and Keir from Dungeon Scrawl are doing an AMA  which you can post your questions and comments to! With that, I'll just smoothly take us on into the change log items... Sept 11, 2023 The Measure Tool has been further improved We've added the new Beam shape! We've added a note to the bottom-left corner of the Measure Tool dialog box that lets you know what current measuring system you're using when doing measurements which should help reduce confusion. We've made some quality of life fixes for Dynamic Lighting When you're on the lighting layer, the Freehand drawing tool will be disabled. Using this tool has always caused issues with the lighting system when drawing walls, and the Polygon tool should be used instead. Many GMs didn't realize this and it was leading to confusion and issues. You can now move things directly to the Lighting layer from the right-click menu just like you could with other layers previously. We've made a change to the rendering system for Explorer Mode which should result in increased performance, especially for GMs with complicated maps with lots of walls and lights. Sept 12, 2023 Fixed a bug where Edge & Trouble rolls were not working as expected within the Vault on the Marvel Multiverse RPG Character sheet Sept 14, 2023 Updates to the Marvel Multiverse RPG Character Sheet Fixed a bug where number inputs were being hidden in the speed section while typing Fixed a bug to make it more obvious where the focus is on the sheet when using Tab to navigate When your browser/system settings has ‘reduce motion’ accessibility settings turned on the sheet will now reduce motion as well Powers derived from your origin will now automatically be selected in the Powers slide of the Character Builder Please check the  Change Log  for up-to-date information on releases.