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Change Critical Range on d10 Not Working

In the macro below, the critical failure on 1 and critical success on 10 are being properly recognized, but not the critical success on 9. ?{Attack |    Unmodified,/em **rolls a [[d10+?{Mod|6}cs>9cf1]] on an unmodified check!** |    Advantage,/em **rolls a [[2d10kh1+?{Mod|6}cs>9cf1]] on a check with Advantage! ** |    Disadvantage,/em **rolls a [[2d10kl1+?{Mod|6}cs>9cf1]] on a check with Disadvantage!** }

Edited 1700257617
Here is an example; note the check defaults to +6...
I also just tried a much simplified version with the same result: /em **rolls a [[d10+3cf1cs>9]] on a damage check!**
Try /em **rolls a [[d10cf1cs>9+3]] on a damage check!**
Well dang! That worked... Appreciate the help. For the record, it worked fine in the spot it was in for 1 and 10...

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Sheet Author
API Scripter
I am not commenting on the problem here, but the original macro construction. Generally speaking you want to rewrite a macro to reduce html substitutions. You have a query inside a query, but it looks like the inner query is the same in each of the 3 branches so you can move that outside of the outer query something like this: /em **rolls ?{Attack |    Unmodified,an unmodified check!**: [[d10cs>9cf1|    Advantage,a check with Advantage!**: [[2d10cs>9cf1kh1|    Disadvantage,a check with Disadvantage!**: [[2d10cs>9cf1kl1} + ?{Mod|0}]]
Just saw this... Thanks for the help