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Macro for Token Generation/Editing

Hey! I am working on a way to generate generic humanoid monsters with randomized traits as quickly as possible on the fly. I currently use the MonsterHitDice API to generate HP values when I drag out a character sheet, which is great except I have to make separate character sheet for each monster and their hit dice (Humanoid L1 with 1d6HD, Humanoid L2 with 2d6HD, ect.).  I currently have Rollable Tables for numbered generic monster tokens. I am imagining a way to create a macro that will do the following things: 1. Create a monster token from the Rollable Table 2. Fill the token bubbles using queries that ask for HP (with maximum to create a health bar), AC, etc. (or automatically roll for them on a Rollable Table) 3. Fill the token Name field with a random attribute from a Rollable Table (blade scar, missing finger, ect.). If creating the token as part of the macro isn't plausible (item 1), is there a way to edit an existing token with items 2 and 3? Are these ideas a pipedream? I would greatly appreciate help and advice in this matter! Gratefully, Ragnar
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Hi Ragnar,  Macros cannot do this as they cannot make alterations to anything. However, an Mod (API Script) probably can. I would suggest posting in the Mods (API Scripts) forum asking for scripts which might be suitable to do this.

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I looked into randomly creating an NPC about a year ago with a custom API/Mod Script.  I didn't really like how limiting it would be, even if I programmed every little thing and came to realize that in most cases, the NPCs I was creating on the fly were non-combat types.  That's when I discovered LLMs like ChatGPT.  The new ability to create GPTs, means I can take my master prompt and create a kind of dedicated Chatbot for creating NPCs.   I've spent some time perfecting my NPC Generation prompt that builds a semi-random NPC for me on the fly, puts it in Markdown format and generates a portrait, I can quickly upload to Roll20.   You can easily copy the text and place it in a handout or your favorite campaign tracking tool (Onenote, Evernote, LegendKeeper, ...).   Once it's generated, if I need additional detail like Stat Blocks, Spell List, Quotes they might use, Quirks, Secrets, or Rumors, I just ask ChatGPT for that additional info.   Here is an example prompt:    Generate an NPC based on a Crazy Human Wizard who is drunk on his own potions. Response: Here is the NPC you requested: A crazy human wizard, infused with the unpredictable effects of his own potions. He is a male with wild, unkempt gray hair and wide, unpredictable eyes that gleam with both excitement and a touch of confusion. His robes are a colorful, chaotic tapestry, stained with the remnants of various potion spills. In one hand, he holds a bubbling, glowing potion, and in the other, a crooked staff inscribed with mysterious runes. The background depicts his cluttered wizard's laboratory, brimming with books, bottles, and mystical artifacts, all bathed in a dim, magical glow emanating from the potion and other enchanted objects. --- **Name:** Alaric the Unpredictable **Race:** Human **Class:** Wizard **Alignment:** Chaotic Neutral **Appearance:** - **Hair:** Wild, unkempt gray - **Eyes:** Wide and unpredictable - **Robes:** Vibrantly colored, potion-stained - **Accessories:** Crooked, rune-inscribed staff; glowing potion **Personality:** - Eccentric and wildly imaginative - Prone to mood swings and unpredictable behavior - Fascinated by the effects and potential of potions **Abilities:** - Expert in potion making, with unexpected results - Skilled in various arcane arts - Unpredictable magic due to potion influence **Backstory:** Alaric was once a disciplined and respected wizard, known for his meticulous research in alchemy and the arcane. However, after an accident involving a potent experimental potion, his mind became as chaotic as his lab. Now, he pursues his potion-making with reckless abandon, often testing the limits of magical and alchemical boundaries, much to the concern (and sometimes amusement) of those around him. **Hook for Adventure:** Alaric could accidentally create a potion with unforeseen effects, leading to an urgent quest to find a rare ingredient to reverse its effects or to contain the chaos it unleashes.
Thanks for your responses, guys! Gauss, that is great advice – thank you!  Will M, I like the idea of using AI to generate NPC's, although I already have a pretty good system for it, and creating compelling NPC's are one of my few strengths as a GM!