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Map not Showing to players


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Hello, I am playing a session and that began weirdly, some players could see the map others not, I brushed it off for the time being but then when I swiched maps the same problem arised, all of my players just saw the white board with squares, so i started checking and could not find what's wrong. I am with fog of war activated and they can only see the area of which I revealed but only the white defaut background, not the map. The map is in the map layer not in another, and they can see all tokens/drawings, only not the background map, and the "orange flag" is in the desired map. Also, when I (the DM) go into player mode I see things as they were supposed to, not just the defaut background We went trying to go to different maps, all with the same problems, and maps of which had worked in past sessions, strangely, the only map that has worked is a map which is in the token layer and has nothing but a map (no fog of war activated).  After that I tried to put the maps in the token layer, but also did not work. -I am using roll 20 on Microsoft Edge, but my players use a mix of google Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge, and Chrome with the duck duck go extension. -Other than the previously mentioned, we are not using any roll 20 extensions. -Dynamic Lighting is not turned on  If more information is needed I'd lovo to provide and I want to know what is wrong and what should I do Next?
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Hi PEESS Q2,  You said you are not using Dynamic Lighting?  In that case my suggestion is to have the players who cannot see the maps come and post.  One thing they can do in the meantime, only Chrome and Firefox are approved browsers for Roll20, those not using Chrome or Firefox and having issues should switch to one of those and see if they continue to have an issue.  If they continue to do so have them use Incognito (Chrome) or Private (Firefox) windows. See if that helps.  
Ok, I will make the supposed changes and then se what happens
We tried various browsers and nothing worked, they are now publishing their own bug reports. Nontheless thank you for your time

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I had a thought, please show me a screenshot of the Page Toolbar.  Perhaps some of your players are not on the page you think they are on. 
This will happen if you place an image on the map layer and then delete the map image file from your library (that is, until you empty your browser cache). Can you verify that the map image file is still in your library?
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Good catch Jim.  PEESS Q2, if you deleted the image then those people that see it are using a cached version of it to display the image, while those not seeing it are seeing the current state of things.
Sorry to post a reply after all this time, Yes I deleted the image from my library and after I reuploaded it it all appeared, hope this helps you in the future and thank you for helping me.