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Specific Dice Rolling Format

Hi, I am trying to see if a particular format of dice rolling can be replicated in Roll20.  I have come quite close so far but I want to know if I can replicate the full test or whether I should just get players to read the dice in the chatbox and calculate themselves. Currently the roll is @{Attribute}d6kh1+@{Skill} This does the bulk of the work but misses my rules of "1" and "6" The roll is 1 d6 per point of attribute and keep the highest number rolled.  However, if more than 1 "six" is rolled then +1 is added to the test.  (So with an attribute of 4, a roll of 1 six is 6, 2 sixes is 7, 3 sizes is 8 and 4 sixes is 9.) Also, a roll of all 1's (which I guess means the highest number rolled is 1) is a fumble. Can anyone nudge me the right direction?   Thanks :-)
Since you have the Pro tag, I'm gonna post a solution using  ScriptCards mod . That can do what you are asking there: !scriptcard {{ --#title|Custom Roller Test --&AttributeName|Attribute --&SkillName|Skill --#sourceToken|@{selected|token_id} --=Roll|[*S:[&AttributeName]]d6kh1 + [*S:[&SkillName]] --?[$Roll.Base] -eq 1|Fumble --=AdditionalSixes|0 --%i|[$Roll.DroppedCount];1;-1 --?[$Roll.DroppedDice([&i])] -lt 6|%! --?[$Roll.DroppedDice([&i])] -eq 6|[ --=AdditionalSixes|[$AdditionalSixes] + 1 --]| --%| --=Roll|[$Roll] + [$AdditionalSixes] [SIXES] --#emoteText|[*S:character_name] is rollin' --+Result|[$Roll] --:Done| --X| --:Fumble| --#emoteText|[*S:character_name] FUMBLE --+FUMBLE|[*S:character_name] fumbled and probably feels bad right now -->Done| }} That example will roll the dice as you describe and check for fumbles and extra sixes. ' That is an example roll where there were 2 additional sixes rolled. I set the Attribute and Skill to be string variables for ease of testing. This example uses the currently selected token. If API mods are not available, or not desired, please feel free to ignore.
Thank you for such a quick reply!  I will see if I can incorporate that into my sheets.  :-)
Sheet Author
API Scripter
I think this isthe kind of roll that needs either a script solution or the ability to edit a character sheet. Normal dice rolls can't do it.