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Community Preview: Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster by Roll20

Lavi said: We also added confirmation snack bars to help better inform you that your items have been added successfully. Thank goodness! I was getting hungry from making all these characters!
Well, that is that I guess
Will the Demiplane buyout delay this sheet as you look to combine so one sheet for everyone on the crossplatforms? Thanks Tom and more than a few of my players
Believe I read this one was no longer being worked on.
Jariath said: Believe I read this one was no longer being worked on. This is ultimately correct - we communicated the following via email with pathfinder players: We're stopping work on the Roll20 Community Preview Remaster Sheet to concentrate on integrating Demiplane’s tools into the Roll20 Tabletop. The insights we got from talking with our community during the project will guide us ahead. The plan is to have the two teams that worked on the Demiplane and Roll20 sheets join forces and share the lessons we've learned with each other to bring the Demiplane sheet to Roll20
Sheet Author
The plot thickens.

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I'd love to try it out, but apparently they're not accepting new users. Edit: Apparently the sign up page is just incredibly, incredibly janky.