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[LFP] [Dragonbane] [Tuesdays; 6:30pm; US Central Time] Putting together a group to play through the Dragonbane boxed set campaign.

US Central time (GMT -6); Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm. Currently have an Adult Human Scholar and a Young Dwarf Knight. Need two additional Player-Characters before the campaign starts. Campaign should be 11-12 adventures long. Must be reliable and also a team player. If interested in being one of the two recruits, explain your interest and what sort of character you might like to play. Kin are: Human,&nbsp; Halfling, &nbsp; Dwarf, Elf, Mallard, and Wolfkin. Professions are: Artisan, Bard, Fighter, Hunter, Knight, Mage, Mariner, Merchant, Scholar, and Thief.&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
If you aren't familiar with Dragonbane, it is somewhat like a gritty D&amp;D 5E. Combat is faster and more deadly. If you've never played Dragonbane before, that is fine as long as you are a reliable team player and will commit to finishing the 11-12 adventure long campaign if selected.

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The party is now three players strong: An Adult Human Scholar, a Young Dwarf Knight, and an Adult Dwarf Artisan (Blacksmith). We need one more reliable player to begin the campaign.&nbsp; I may also be willing to accept an additional player beyond the one to bring the party up to five.
Hi Elfy, I'm free on Tuesday night's, and the listed start time fits me. I've never played, nor have I ever heard of that RPG. Although, I'm always game o try something new. Feel free to look up my Roll20 profile, and DM me if you want to know more ;oP ~Neo
Hey there! I would love to be considered for your game. I recently discovered Dragonbane and have been familiarizing myself with the rules and setting. I was just about to post a LFG for the game when I saw your post. I’m most interested in playing a Young-Adult Elf Mage Elementalist but also like the look of Merchant and Scholar. Edit: also Hunter
It looks like the party will be five players strong. So the group is full unless something happens to someone. Thanks, everyone =)

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Unfortunately, one player has had to drop out before&nbsp;we even begin&nbsp;due to an unexpected work schedule change, so there is now one opening. The party is now four players strong: an Adult Human Scholar, a Young Dwarf Knight, an Adult Dwarf Artisan (Blacksmith) and a Young Wulfkin Hunter. If you are interested in being that 5th player, now is the time to respond as we are beginning soon.

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How long do you usually play? I have the box set and would love to play. Tuesdays at 7:30 (EST) work fine depending on how long you play. I get up at 5:00 for work. I was thinking about a Halfling Thief. I am an older gamer but missed out on the early days of D&amp;D. I started roleplaying in the early 2000's with the release of D&amp;D 3.5. I GM every other weekend with a live group so would love to play a bit :) Also, you mention being dedicated to the 11 - 12 adventures. I know I will be out of town on 3/26, but that's the only day I would miss.

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The campaign starts tomorrow evening, so we have not played the first session yet. I would expect sessions to be between 2 1/2 and 3 hours typically. A Halfling Thieve would be a fine character choice if the timeframe works for you.
Time looks good. I usually give myself a hard 10:30 line. One night a week won't kill me. Just extra caffeine in the morning :)&nbsp; I'll get a character made up tonight. Are there any character creation guidelines? Are we rolling on tables, or just choosing everything?
I'll send you a PM.
The party is now five players strong. So the group is full unless something happens to someone. First session tomorrow evening! Thanks, everyone =)
hey i have never played dragonbane but i want to so if someone drops out count me in