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Trouble with recursive magic tables


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Hi all I found Matthew's gorgeous magic tables: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I have downloaded his Excel, done the find and replace and then copy and pasted his various 5th columns in to chat.&nbsp; Everything seems fine, I now have a huge number of rollable tables and have opened every one, they all look good.&nbsp; When I try and run !rt[delimiter:br|maxdepth:25] /w gm &amp;{template:default} {{Magic-Item-Table-?{Table|A|B|C|D|E|F|G|H|I}= [[ ?{How Many?|1}t[Magic-Item-Table-?{Table}] ]]}} I get (From RecursiveTables): An Error occured with this message: /w gm &amp;{template:default} {{Magic-Item-Table-A= [[ 1t[Consumables-A] ]]}} Error: Expected "[" or [ |\t] but "1" found Whilst Matthew doesn't get that, it all works fine for him, I went in to every table and changed [[ 1t[tablename] ]] to [[1t[tablename]]] and now it wants to work.&nbsp; The problem is that despite changing maxdepth to 125 it seems to stop opening tables at a certain point and I am completely stumped.&nbsp; Screen shot below, anyone got any idea why? the rod, shield and ammo show this when hovered over I have also deleted and reinstalled recursivetable API v0.2.5
I thought I'd take Matthew's tables out of the mix as this looks more to be about how recursive tables is working for me.&nbsp; I created three simple tables as shown and when I run this (which I copied from a post by The Aaron and altered the table name) I get that output, so Table A is fine, the foxes entry comes from Table B but it is not rolling the number and Table B is leading to Table C but not accessing it? I have tried both Firefox and Chrome, Chrome has no extensions loaded, Firefox only has Stylus, but I have also tried with that turned off, all to no avail. I also turned off my antivirus just for giggles, made no difference (desperation stuff now!!)

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Captain's log supplemental... copied tables to a game that had only API heartbeat and SpawnDefaultToken APIs and we have a winner it would appear to be a conflict with another API, so will run through them until I find the culprit It makes absolutely no sense to me, but when Dynamic Lighting Tool is enabled on this game I get the trouble in the posts above.&nbsp; Interestingly if I add DLT to this new game I get better results but it still seems to jumble things up (lines appear mixed, so 3 foxes haunted encounter for example).&nbsp; I don't need to run DLT all the time so it is easy to disable it until needed. Now for coffee