Hey there folks! We've added in a slew of updates for the Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Character Sheet as well as some improvements and glow ups around the VTT as well. In the spirit of keeping it short and to the point today... c heck 'em out! Feb 5, 2024 Community Preview Second Edition Remaster Character sheet: When using a Strike with the Agile trait, Multi Attack Penalty will automatically display and utilize the adjusted values of -4 and -8 (instead of -5 and -10) Feb 6, 2024 Roll20 VTT The new compendium panel should load even faster now for users that have a LOT of content. We now wait to load any content within an expandable accordion until you open up that specific accordion.  The cursor icon for the Freehand and Polygon drawing tools has been changed to the crosshair instead of the custom icons for those tools. We fixed a bug where sometimes Measurement Tool artifacts (like little waypoints) were getting stuck if you stopped doing a Measurement partway through the process. We've re-added the header and footer links in Compendium pages that you access in the VTT (so for example you can switch between different sources for pages that have similar content in multiple source books). The Game Settings page should no longer show an "unsaved changes" warning when navigating away from the page, and if you click the Save Changes button you'll be auto-redirected back to the Game Details page. In addition, some parts of that page that were untranslated will now support localization. Feb 8, 2024 Community Preview- Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Character Sheet Fixed a bug where proficiency dropdown selectors were cut off in the edit modal Fixed a bug where trigger field was not clearing after adding a new Action Fixed a bug where strikes for weapons added from the inventory modal were incorrectly using Strength modifier (instead of hit points from the Weapon) Please check the  Change Log  for up-to-date information on releases.