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Rich text in a character sheet's textarea?

Hi, I'm interested in using rich text in a character sheet's text area element, to let players apply bold, italics, larger/smaller text, etc. to the content in those fields.  I have searched these forums and the wiki, and found old posts from many years ago (pre-CSE) indicating that this wasn't possible.  Has anything changed to make it possible now, or is that still not allowed? Thanks!

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Hi Jim. you should be able to do a very limited amount markdown formatting but I think that's it. example; This is **BOLD** This is *ITALIC* This is ***BOLD ITALIC*** This is ``CODE``
Huh, I sort of expected the answer to be no.  At least that is something.  :-)   Thanks, I'll play around with it some more.  
Oh, wait, I misunderstood.  So that would use the button to send the text to the chat, and it would show up styled in the chat?  That is cool, but not what I'm looking for.  I'd like the content in the character sheet itself (not chat) to be styled.  Is there any way to do something similar, where you enter the markdown text in one textarea, then hide that field and the sheet displays the content with the styles in the right place on the sheet layout?

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That's just a textarea on the sheet. It happens to have a button specifically to send it to chat, but any textarea included on a sheet that gets included with a roll should allow the limited markdown. You may even be able to create a macro to call the textarea attribute if desired. Or, do you want to style the sheet itself? Pro authors can edit a sheet's code (css) and run a custom game. Otherwise you can probably use Stylus to override a sheets styling. It will be customized only to the viewer using stylus or similar extension.
Scott C.
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There's no way to do rich text in text areas on the sheet. The only thing you can do is the markdown syntax to output styled text to chat, which of course is a very different thing than styling on the sheet.
Okay, thank you both.