Hello all, I have a problem with does not work charisma's modification during test persuasion and streetwise. I have the server on roll20 which is using CharacterSheet( CS) Savage Worlds by Josiah Bradbury. I have the data based on this character sheet and I drive adventure based on Savage Worlds second edition (It is not Adventure ed it is the previous version) rulebook. I do not see any possibility of changing around 80 CS and hangouts to a new template in an easy way. Due to these facts, I would like to ask for improving this CS. In the rulebook is written that charisma is the modification for streetwise and persuasion skills. Currently, it does not work. Below are attached screens with evidence that charisma does not affect to persuasion test. To solve this problem I created macros but I would like to solve this problem permanently, not as only a mitigation action in case of creating additional macros. Current macro: /roll {1d@{persuasion}![przekonywanie], 1d6![figura]}kh1 +@{charisma}[charyzma]+ @{charismaMod}[char_mod] +@{fatigue}[fatigue]+@{wound}[wounds] + ?{modifier|0}[modifier] + @{persuasionTrained} *2 -2[trained?] is any possible to solve this problem? Action taken to solve this problem: - contact with author - failed - contact with Savage community - failed