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Alien RPG - strange output when rolling

Hey Folks! First and foremost I should mention that I switched the character sheet from the "Aliens" one that used to be with the Alien RPG to the new one that supports the Alien RPG compendium. When my one PC is rolling he got this strange result every time and it wouldn't let him click the "push" button. It only showed up when the roll was available to be pushed. Thanks for any help. Worst come to worst I'll just have to start from scratch and recreate the characters. PS. the "jr. jr. jr. jr." is intentional haha
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Does it happen with just that one character? If so, you might have to create a new character sheet and copy them to it.
Forum Champion
Hi Michael,  One other thing you might want to try is to remove "[Eleventh]" from the name, just to make sure it isn't interfering. 
Scott C.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Compendium Curator
Yes, as Gauss guessed, this is a problem with the special characters [ and ]. Remove those from the name and it will work correctly
Wow, I never would've guessed! Thanks so much, I'll try this.
This seems to have worked!