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Checking back in on NoteLog for Players topic

Hello, I have seen the NoteLog for Players topic pop up anywhere from 3 to 7 years ago and was wondering if any progress has been made? My specific use case is to easily and simply track spells that have been cast during a given game session. For example, Morithil the Archmage casts Magic Missile in Round 1. Morithil types "Morithil casts Magic Missile in Round 1" to the chat, it gets appended to the NoteLog Log file and at the end of the session I have an easily read record of spells that were cast. (Also helps in real time with tracking spells cast vs. what's currently memorized). I play D&D 3.5, so most of the 5e card stuff for doing that doesn't work or requires significant tweaking beyond my expertise.
I was under the impression that Notelog did work for players. I created a macro that had a query to accept the text to go into the note. I also made the Log handout editable by all players. I didn't require the players to input anything - and nobody did. I assumed they just weren't interested in adding anything. Maybe it didn't work? Nobody complained it didn't work for them.
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NoteLog should work just fine for players.  The biggest barrier is that it's just a single Handout.  I've always intended to write a more configurable version, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

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Hmmm...when I have my players log in, their input does not get appended to the log file. When I (as GM) use this macro, it functions correctly. Here is a screenshot of my macro using NoteLog: The Log handout is visible and editable by All Players. Am I configuring something incorrectly or missing a configuration step?